10 Window Treatment Ideas for Glass Door Coverings

The glass door is a great addition to any home, but it can be challenging to find the right window treatments. The best way to update your glass door and make it look its best is by applying window treatment basics and making accommodations for the door’s functional purpose. These 10 window treatment ideas for glass door coverings are perfect for giving your home an updated feel while still providing protection from pesky insects and UV rays.

Glass Door Covering Idea #1: Blinds

Blinds can be a great solution to add some style and privacy to your glass door. Vertical blinds are so versatile that they make it easy to find the perfect fabric or print in multiple colors!

Glass Door Covering Idea #2: Vertical Blinds

When thinking about installing vertical blinds on a glass door, understand that you need to make a few adjustments. Vertical blinds are a wonderful choice to add some privacy and color to your glass door, but you want them to provide as much light as possible too!

Glass Door Covering Idea #3: Draperies

Simply adding draperies to your glass door can make a huge difference. You don’t have to go with traditional window treatments like sheers, you could also add some extra fabric and create drapes or even curtains!

Glass Door Covering Idea #4: Shutters

If you want a window treatment idea that is easy to install, this may be the one for you. Simple shutters can make glass doors look more elegant and sophisticated! They are also perfect if privacy isn’t needed because they will allow plenty of natural daylight while still blocking out any unwanted views!

Glass Door Covering Idea #5: Rope and Sheers

If you’re looking to add a more romantic feel, rope and sheers are a perfect choice! This window treatment idea will provide just enough privacy but still allow light in.

Glass Door Covering Idea #6: Vertical Blinds and Sheers

This window treatment idea is perfect if you’re looking to remain the most private. This will provide as much privacy as possible, but still, allow light in!

Glass Door Covering Idea #7: Vertical Blinds and Roman Shades

This is the perfect combination of privacy, light, and style. It will provide complete coverage from outside views as well as being able to let in plenty of natural daylight!

Glass Door Covering Idea #8: Roman Shades

This window treatment idea is perfect if you’re looking to stay private, but still want just a bit of light. They also work well outside because they will only hang down from the top and be able to block out any unwanted views!

Glass Door Covering Idea #9: Roman Shades with Curtain Rods

This window treatment idea is perfect if you want discreet privacy at night, but still want to see the view. Roman shades provide privacy while still allowing light in, and curtain rods can be easily installed on the glass doors!

Glass Door Covering Idea #10: Sunscreen Film

Want to block out unwanted sunlight? This window treatment idea is perfect for you. It provides plenty of protection against UV rays that cause sunburns and skin cancer, and it’s available in multiple options, such as high-quality fabric, it’s applicable even on double glazed windows and other types of windows available on the market. Sunscreen film is a great window treatment idea for glass doors because the film can be applied to the entire surface of your door or just on a small section!

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