Choosing the Perfect Treatments for French Door Windows

French door windows can add to the elegance of your overall house design. These windows are made of glass panes that add up to their polished look. As much as they exude sophistication, French windows can become challenging in terms of keeping your homes private and light control. This is why choosing the right window treatment for French door windows is crucial and should require a great amount of expertise.

French door windows can be treated with different types of treatments: curtains, blinds, shutters and shades.

Treating French Door Windows with Blinds

Blinds are a great option for french door windows because they provide light and glare reduction, as well as privacy. You can find wood blinds or faux-wood blinds that will complement the style of your home. For windows with more than one panel of glass, you’ll want to purchase an individual set of sliding panels for each window so that you can cover whichever one is needed.

Blinds with side panels of glass are also a great choice because they will provide light and glare reduction, but not privacy.

For French door windows, blinds will offer most light transmission, but not as much privacy or soundproofing; these work well in bedrooms with a view of your front yard so you can see out without anyone seeing into your bedroom.

Shutters as French Door Window Covering

French door window shutters are another option to consider if you want more than just light and glare reduction from your treatment; these will offer privacy and soundproofing as well. If you have a french door window with very wide panels of glass, then French door window shutters will be a better choice because they are more sturdy than other options.

Covering French Door Windows with Shades

Shades are the most popular french door window treatments because they offer superior light and glare reduction while still providing privacy. Shades coverings can offer light and glare reduction while providing privacy. They’re available in wood grain textures, aluminum, and faux wood grains with a great assortment of colors to suit your décor.

You can also explore our range of french door window shades which offer more than just light and glare reduction.

For the best light and glare reduction, we recommend choosing a patterned or pleated shade for your french doors windows to help filter out the harsh midday sun that tends to come through glass panes by reflecting it off of the fabric. Furthermore, these shades provide privacy from every direction – not just outside but also inside as well.

Dressing Up Your French Door Windows with Curtains

Easily the most economical way to dress up your french doors windows, sheers are a sheer curtain that hangs from one or two rods and provides privacy while still allowing light in.

For ultimate privacy at night, curtains with blackout linings can be hung on French door window treatments as well. This will keep any outside illumination out of the room while allowing light from within the room to shine through.

If you would like to block out all outside light, curtains with blackout linings are the perfect option. They do require a specific track system that clips onto your french door windows and sits just inside them so you will need to measure those first before ordering! No matter what look you’re going for, we have the perfect french door window treatment for you. They should be included in every plan for a successful home design. At Murdica Window Treatment, we have a great selection for all your French door window covering needs. Call us today!


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