Finding the Right Treatments for Bay Windows

A bay window can be really tricky to decorate and one of the most important things you need to think about is how you will cover up your windows. There are a number of bay window treatments that are popular including curtains, blinds, shutters, or even draperies. The best option for your home depends on what type of room it is in and what style you’re going for. Read more to learn about these different options!

Bay windows enjoy special architectural status. Adding a bay window to your home’s exterior can produce an instant update for any room in which you plan on using it. They are most popular in living rooms and dining rooms because they provide an excellent view of outdoor spaces while also offering supplemental lighting during daylight hours.

The design features that make it so desirable to homeowners include its structural distinction from other types of exterior elevation windows; this can be seen most easily in the bay window’s proportions.

Bay windows can take on many shapes and sizes, but they are characterized by a single-story addition projecting from an exterior wall of a building. The “bay” is created where two walls meet with an open area between them. This configuration typically allows for more light to enter than a regular window.

There is a great variety of bay window treatments available – from curtains to shutters- which will give your bay window that distinctive look you’re after!


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