Honeycomb Shades

You might have heard of the many amazing benefits of honeycomb shades. These include the light-filtering and insulation abilities of your windows. Also known as cellular shades, honeycomb shades get their name from a design that features small cells, which resemble honeycombs between two layers of fabric that keep your rooms cooler and block harsh sun rays. Its insulation ability offers a very practical benefit, especially during the summer season. That is why these are the best choice if you want your windows to be energy-efficient and attractive at the same time.

Honeycomb shades come in a variety of colors and designs. Deciding on the best cellular shades for your rooms can become difficult. Take a few minutes of your time to scroll through our site as a reference guide in choosing the best cellular shades for your space. We provide you with useful information on the important features to consider when shopping for the right cellular shades in the market.

Types of honeycomb Shade

The first thing you need to know is there are three types of cellular or honeycomb shades: cordless, motorized, and top-down. Before buying honeycomb shades for your windows, it is important to understand the distinctive features of each type to help you come up with the best option for your needs.


The long blinds and shades that are swinging loosely on traditional windows can pose harm to children and animals. Cordless honeycomb shades are an ideal choice for homes with small children or pets because they feature cordless operation and a cleaner appearance sans the dangling cords. This makes your space safer for young kids and animals.

Cordless honeycomb shades operate with an internal cord. Since they are cordless, you can be able to raise them as far as you can reach or pull down on the rail to lower them. Another distinctive feature of these shades is their locking system. The shades are locked in position until you wish to change them.


This is the most convenient among the three types of cellular shades. Motorized honeycomb shades are a cordless system and are powered by a motor that allows you to operate the shades using a remote control. You can raise or lower your window shades without getting up from where you are laid or pulling a cord or the rail on the base.

Another distinctive feature of some motorized shades is they can be programmed to set specific times during the day for the opening or closing of your window shades. This is especially convenient and helpful if you have young children who take naps within the day. You can program the opening or closing of the shades to when your child is asleep and when she wakes up.


Also known as top-down or bottom-up shades, top-down shades are designed to allow light to get inside your space without compromising privacy. This is its distinctive feature that the other types of cellular shade cannot offer. Top-down honeycomb shades give you light control that allows you to let the light in without completely opening the shades.

Also, you can close and open the top-down honeycomb shades like traditional shades if you want to. You can control top-down or bottom-up or both. This is why it is the most versatile type among the three.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best honeycomb Shades

Not only are cellular shades come in different colors and styles but also in a multitude of features. As you read through, we give you important tips about the features to consider when shopping for the best cellular shades for your space. Understanding the options available in the market before purchasing cellular shades will help you in making the right choice for the best cellular shades that you need.


When purchasing curtains or blinds or any other window accessories, it is important to know the dimensions of your windows. However, unlike the other types of window treatments, cellular shades give you options to either mount them on the inside or the outside of the window’s frame. It is important to choose which style you would want your cellular shades mounted with before getting the dimensions because there is a slight difference between these options.

If you prefer to mount the shades on the inside, get the measurement of the width and length of the inside of your frame. Cellular shades manufacturers often deduct between 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch from the standard dimensions to get the right fit for this option. Remember to confirm if the manufacturer has made the deductions before purchasing the cellular shades.
For an outside mount, the measurement is to be extended for about 3 inches past each side of the window to ensure light-filtering ability and privacy in your space. Mark 3 inches using a pencil past each side before your measure that space.

It is recommended to use a steel tape measure rather than a ruler or other measuring tape to ensure proper and concise measurement. First, get the nearest ⅛ of an inch, and make sure you double-check your numbers before writing them down. Shades measurement should be width x length to help in easily knowing if a product is a perfect fit for your needs.

Corded vs. Cordless

You have learned earlier that cordless cellular shades are operated by an internal cord. This makes them more expensive but with this feature comes functions to ensure that your space is safe for young kids or pets. Some homeowners also prefer cordless cellular shades because of their clean appearance without the dangling cords in plain sight. Plus, cellular shades that are cordless are easy to operate by simply pushing up or pulling down on the rail in order to raise or lower the shades.
Corded cellular shades have a continuous cord loop. Unlike the traditional window shades that many of us are accustomed to, have a long, dangling cord. The cords on these models are a loop that is connected to the window frame or wall. While not as smooth as the cordless models, this type of shade is user-friendly because it is easier to raise or lower compared to the traditional corded shades in the market. This means that this type is a safer option than the traditional corded models.


Cellular shades are also available in a wide variety of colors and materials. When shopping for the best cellular shades for your space, it is also important to consider the style. Find the perfect cellular shades design that best complements the tone and personality of your room.
Choosing the design for your cellular shades does not only end at colors and materials. Another important style option to think about is the cellular shades’ light control ability – whether you would prefer light-filtering or blackout shades. If you want to allow in little light to give diffused natural daylight, the light-filtering style is best for you. This is especially perfect for living areas that are suitable for translucent dimming. As the name suggests, blackout style blocks 100% of daylight from entering through your windows, and thus, offers room darkening features any time of the day.

Additional Features

It is also important to consider the additional features when buying the best cellular shades for your space especially if they contribute to the overall performance of your window shades. One feature to also think about is whether you would like to purchase a double or triple-cell shade. These models have two or three layers of cells that help in improving the insulation ability of your cellular shades. The more cell layers, the greater insulation power.

Some motorized cellular shades have additional features in terms of control either via a remote clicker or a smartphone app. If you prefer motorized cellular shades for your windows, you might want to consider models with this feature for an added flexibility in terms of control.

Unlike the traditional shades that allow people to peep inside your space if the shades are open, these cordless, top-down cellular shades from Murdica Window Coverings allow you to raise the top of the shade, enough to let the daylight in while keeping the lower shades in position to cover and maintain the privacy in your room. Raising the shades’ rail will allow you to also look outside. These cellular shades can either be mounted inside or outside a window frame.

These cellular shades are safe if you have little kids or pets at home because they do not have exterior cords or cables. Their cord system is built-in, within the layers of 100% polyester fabric that allow a smooth operation for pushing or pulling off the top or lower rail. These light-filtering shades come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all the window sizes in your space – from the smallest to the biggest. You can also choose from a great selection of colors available in the store like cool silver, espresso, white, or any color that will complement the design and tone of your home.

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