Horizontal Sheer Blinds

Horizontal fabric shades bring about the look and feel of soft fabric shades but the functionality of a horizontal blind. You can slant the sheer fabric window shades to let filtered light into the room or you can raise them to get a more visible view. 

Our horizontal sheer blinds, give warmth and an attractive look that allows complete privacy or an unobstructed view. These shadings do not wear out easily over time and are elegant, too. Our horizontal sheer shades come in a great selection of colors. Plus, our soft horizontal silhouette shades now have a room-darkening option!

There are actually many ways to make your home expensive yet comfortable. From the smallest to the largest accents you can use to give your home a luxurious touch, you can play with the color of your wall, the tiny details that make up a whole, and many other things to accessorize your room with. You can opt to present the soft look that satisfies your senses. But the basic and most often forgotten element is the lighting in the space that sets the mood of your room. The fabric window shades from Murdica Window Coverings could be complementary.

Ideally made from nylon and polyester materials, the horizontal sheer shades do not only present an attractive look but are also strong and durable. These window treatments are great at light control, regulating just the right amount of light into your home. This creates a relaxing atmosphere that everyone in the family will love. These sheer blinds and shades are a practical choice in such a way that when you need more daylight, simply operate through the cord mechanism to pull up or down the sheer window shades if you want some privacy.

At Murdica Window Coverings, we give you a great selection of soft sheer blinds and silhouette shades that are budget-friendly and aesthetic-wise for an either a contemporary or traditional settings. You can contact us for a FREE estimate by using the form below.


This is the most convenient among the three types of cellular shades. Motorized honeycomb shades are a cordless system and are powered by a motor that allows you to operate the shades using a remote control. You can raise or lower your window shades without getting up from where you are laid or pulling a cord or the rail on the base.

Another distinctive feature of some motorized shades is they can be programmed to set specific times during the day for the opening or closing of your window shades. This is especially convenient and helpful if you have young children who take naps within the day. You can program the opening or closing of the shades to when your child is asleep and when she wakes up.


Also known as top-down or bottom-up shades, top-down shades are designed to allow light to get inside your space without compromising privacy. This is its distinctive feature that the other types of cellular shade cannot offer. Top-down honeycomb shades give you light control that allows you to let the light in without completely opening the shades.

Also, you can close and open the top-down honeycomb shades like traditional shades if you want to. You can control top-down or bottom-up or both. This is why it is the most versatile type among the three.

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