How to Choose Window Treatments Based on Room

One of the common traps that a new homeowner falls into is using the same window covering on every single window in the house. The usual problem with this is that it makes the house look boring, and it doesn’t take into consideration the purpose and character of each room. 

The function of each room of your home is different. There are rooms for sleeping, there are rooms used for dining, and there are rooms that are simply for bathing or hanging out. There is no good reason to use the same window coverings for all the rooms in your home.

The requirements and style of each room should be considered when choosing window treatments. Remember to keep the overall aesthetics of the room in mind and avoid inconsistent choices from room to room. The quality and style of the home should be consistent.

Think of Other Décor in the Room

The window covering should match the rest of the room. Take into account the pieces of furniture you own. Does your fixture and décor fit in with a traditional style or are you going for somethign more modern? If your furniture is shabby chic, sleek modern shades may not look right. If you have a lot of modern furnishings, frilly curtains or rustic designs aren’t a good fit.

The Privacy Consideration

One of the most important considerations is the amount of privacy you need for your room. While windows allow us to look outside, they can also be a means for neighbors to look inside our home. The function of the room and the amount of privacy you want should be taken into account. Rooms that do not need too much privacy can get by with sheer curtains. Rooms that require privacy will need opaque coverings, or window treatments that will completely block out lights.

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