How to Cover and Style Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular choice for many homeowners. They provide a lot of natural light and allow air to flow through the home. However, they can be difficult to cover with window treatments because they don’t have permanent sashes or shutters; instead, casement windows open outward from their frame by rotating on an axis. This characteristic makes them unique from other types of windows, but it also presents some challenges when trying to find appropriate window treatments that will work well with your casement windows.

On the bright side, casement windows are easy to clean: all you need is a damp cloth. If your window treatments get dirty or dusty easily, then this may be an appropriate choice for you. The downside of casement windows is that they’re often difficult to cover because of their shape and size; draperies can blow in the wind and curtains can be difficult to attach because they’re constantly moving.

If you have casement windows, it may seem like a challenge when trying to find window treatments that will work well with them; however, draperies are an excellent option because their panels fit nicely on the frame without overhanging or blowing in the wind.

Window treatments are only the first step in making a room feel finished. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got wall colors that work with your window treatment, and furniture textures that match what you’re trying to achieve for an overall aesthetic.

Shutters for Casement Windows

Shutters are a good option for casement windows because they fit well on the frame without blowing in the wind and can be opened to allow fresh air into your home. However, shutters may not work if you live in an area with high humidity or seeping rain due to them being made of wood. A second downside is that they may be difficult to clean outside of your home.

Buying custom-made shutters for casement windows can be expensive, but they’re the best way to stay on budget and provide maximum protection from draughts.

Curtains for Casement Windows

A lot of people don’t know this but curtains can be installed on casement windows too! Curtains work best on casement windows with crank mechanisms because they have less chance of interfering with the open/close function. Curtain rods can be installed in a few different ways to maximize the light and space within the room, depending on your needs.

if you are looking for window treatments that provide more light into your home or want to add a formal touch to the room, then curtains may be a better choice. Curtains come in different fabrics and patterns which allows them to match any decor preference.

Roman Shades for Casement Windows

The roman shade option is versatile and functional. If your home has an informal design scheme that is best suited to roman shades, then these are the right choice!

If you prefer something with added light control, then look no further than roman shades. These window treatments provide a range of levels for controlling the light, including blackout. They also offer privacy which is perfect for rooms with two casement windows that face each other. The only downside to roman shades is when they are open there’s an area where no window treatment hangs so it can be more difficult to block out sunlight while still letting in some light.

Curtains for Casement Windows

Another option to consider when selecting window treatments for casement windows is curtains. Curtains are suitable for any type of decor and offer a range of fabric textures, patterns, and colors. They too can be hung flat or folded neatly into pleats depending on the desired effect. And while some people may not want to use a rod because it may block part of the window, extensions are available for casement windows.

As you work to decide on window treatments for your casement windows, remember that these are only one piece of the room design puzzle! After determining what type of treatment works best in your home, keep in mind the color, size, and shape of your windows.The window treatments you choose are not a one-size-fits-all decision. Fortunately, shutters, roman shades, or curtains work well on casement windows. At Murdica Window Treatment, we give only the best options for all your casement window treatment needs. Call us now and avail of our free consultation!


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