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Murdica Windows is your choice for the finest custom curtains, shades, drapery, and blinds. Our offerings have no peer when it comes to beautiful home or office window interiors.

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Window Treatments Rancho Mirage

Murdica Windows carries quality blinds, shades, draperies, and other window decoration products. We are always available to help you find the ideal treatments for your window, whether you need it for a residential or commercial property.

Roller shades can add color, texture, and style to any room. They come in a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. The fabrics they use can range from blackout to sheer, depending on how much privacy and light control is needed.
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Roller Shades

Honeycomb shades are versatile window treatments that can be used in both cold and warm climates, as their honeycomb construction allows air to be trapped in distinct pockets. This results in insulation, which can add a little bit of energy efficiency in your home.
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Honeycomb Shades

Wood blinds are the perfect choice for window treatments if you have wood furnitures or floorings. They can add uniformity to your interior design, exuding natural warmth and a homey comfortable charm.
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Wood Blinds

Unlike traditional draperies that move from side-to-side, vertical draperies use a system that pulls the fabric up. This allows the fabric to move completely out of the way, providing better access to windows and views.
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Vertical Drapery

The elegance of a sheer matched with the precise controls of blinds. Horizontal sheer blinds are perfect if you want to filter sunlight from coming in, while maintaining a view of the outside.
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Horizontal Sheer Blinds

We install the best window treatments for commercial establishments and properties. We offer the best premium brands that can give any commercial space much needed natural light.
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Commercial Installs

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We won’t consider our work complete until all the shades, blinds, or custom draperies are installed properly and ready for the world to see. Murdica Windows pays attention to the most minute of details, to ensure that your custom window covering work properly and improve the aesthetics of your property to the best of its ability for window treatments Rancho Mirage residents can trust.

Murdica Windows commits to pursuing perfection at the most reasonable cost. We carefully choose the most beautiful shades, blinds, fabrics, trims, accents, and hardware to ensure that clients get the ideal quality, and at the most reasonable price. Our aim is to make your windows look like a million dollars, without spending anything near it.

Our consultation and estimates for draperies and window coverings will always be free. We want to help clients know what they are getting into before they hire us. We let our work speak for us, and we guarantee the quality and durability of our work. So whether you are in the market for multi-layered window covering, shades, blinds, or simple budget-conscious alternatives, Murdica Windows is your only choice. We are always here to help you get the best window treatments for your family, lifestyle, and budget for window treatments Rancho Mirage chosen resource.

The Best Window Coverings in Coachella Valley

A window covering may seem like a basic element of a property that one doesn’t put a lot of thought into. But if you get them from providers that really know how to choose and install shades, blinds and other coverings for windows, you will find that they can make a whole world of difference in a lot of things, including the quality of your life, the longevity of your furniture, and even your energy use.

Chief among this is the fact that window treatments make your abode more energy efficient. Shades and blinds can provide insulation. They can keep out cold and heat that you don’t want, which means your AC or thermostat don’t need to work so hard. In a lot of cases, you can even turn them off when you normally would keep them open. The ability to control temperature from direct sunlight or cold drafts can do wonders for your energy bill.

Privacy is another good reason why you need window treatment, blinds, and shades for your property. You will most likely not find your house relaxing enough if you are constantly worried that someone outside can see inside your house. Even if you have really great neighbors, you still need to maintain privacy. This is particularly important if you travel often. You have to make sure your windows are covered and people can’t see that nobody is around. That alone can prevent a lot of intrusions as it won’t allow people to entertain shady ideas.

Window treatments such as shades and blinds can help improve privacy because most types allow you to adjust the angle and openness, usually with a simple twist of a rod or a push of a button. It’s not even limited to open and closed – there are window treatments that can open only on the top or bottom, or curtains that can let in sunlight while maintaining zero exterior visibility. No one can see inside without your permission.

Window Treatments Palm DesertSpeaking of sun light, the ability to limit the amount that comes into your house is also a good thing, especially in a desert window. Sun light has UV light, which can do a lot of damage to your health and can really ruin your furniture, electronics, and artworks over time. This is particularly true given that light tends to hit the same places every day, so you end up with uneven color changes on furniture, walls, computers, etc. You can protect a lot of things just by simply limiting the amount of unfiltered sun light that enters the room.

Finally, there’s also the matter of aesthetics. Murdica Window Coverings has expert designers on staff that will work with you to ensure that any window treatments or covering for your window will fit your ideas of proper interior design. Windows that are not covered tend to make the house look unfinished. A carefully chosen covering will add charm, sophistication, and elegance to an otherwise boring looking space. 

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Murdica Windows offers the most varied and striking drapes and window covering, which are always decorative and meant to improve the aesthetics of any property or location. Our collections are timeless, and full of creative ideas. There will always be a design that can fit your needs and your budget. Our offerings in coachella and all our supported desert window covering areas range from the most popular contemporary brands, to unique window coverings, and beautiful tassels, fringes, beading, shades, drapes and laces that any property owner will appreciate.

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Rancho Mirage Window Treatments
Rancho Mirage Window Treatments
Rancho Mirage Window Treatments

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Rancho Mirage Window Treatments


Rancho Mirage Window Treatments


Rancho Mirage Window Treatments


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