The Best Ideas for Treating Triple Windows

When it comes to triple windows, you can either treat them individually or as a group. You can dress each window with its own design in order to make the room look spectacular. Here are great ideas for dressing triple windows, from simple and elegant treatments to smart functionality solutions that will help your home be more efficient.

Covering Triple Windows According to Functionality

If you want to treat triple windows individually, consider using a classic Roman shade. These shades are made of fabric and can be custom ordered in any color or pattern that matches your style. They provide privacy while still letting natural light into the room – perfect for bedrooms with three window exposures on one side!

For those looking for something more ornate, try a valance. These are an embellishment that sits atop the window and can be made from any combination of fabrics, patterns, or colors to match your taste. They’re typically lightweight so they won’t hang heavy on the windows – perfect for triple windows in living rooms!

If you want privacy without complete darkness, try a roller shade. These shades are made of heavy fabric and can be attached to the window from above, which means they’re perfect for triple windows in bedrooms or offices. The light is allowed through while keeping anyone outside from looking inside – it’s great for privacy without sacrificing natural light!

Curtains Work Wonders on Triple Windows

A sheer curtain offers an affordable option that provides light and privacy. A triple window treatment, these curtain panels can be hung in a triangle shape or as three separate curtains that hang from the same rod – it’s really up to you!

A sheath-style curtain is ideal for triple windows where each one has its own header/rod. If you have all three headers hanging from one rod, be sure to choose a fabric that will drape equally on all sides when pulled open.

Stacked drapery panels can work wonders for triple window treatments like this one – they’re affordable and provide ample light while also blocking out unwanted views (they look especially cool when pulled back with an oversized curtain rod). Some might say that stacking curtains is a faux pas. But if you’re careful to balance the weight of each curtain, it’ll work beautifully in this situation.

Pro Tips: Curtain rods for triple window treatments should be substantial enough to hold all three layers and they should also cover a wide area so that drapery panels can hang down from either side – without touching or otherwise interfering with one another. A long, single rod can be used to span the entire length of triple window treatment or three rods might work better – one for each section. This is especially important if you’re using very heavy fabrics and want to avoid bunching in just one area!

Roman Shades Triple Window Treatment

Want to avoid bunching in just one area? A Roman shade is perfect! This idea is perfect for those who want to layer multiple window coverings and add some depth to their room. Hang two panels on the windows for a neat and tidy look, creating an evenly spaced pattern.

Triple Window Treatment With Curtains And Blinds

If you want to play it safe, try using two window treatments together! Hang curtains on one set of windows while keeping the other uncovered. Place blinds in another space or layers them as well to give your room that perfect amount of light control.

This way, you’re still able to get that layered window dressing to look without giving up your natural light or the need for privacy.

Triple Window Treatment With Shades And Sheer Curtains

Shades and sheer curtains work great together! This is a good option if you want some balance in temperature control as well as some insulation against the sun’s rays.The best thing about this window treatment is it looks awesome from both the inside and outside of a room! To learn more about the best ways to cover any type of window like a triple window, contact our professional team at Murdica Window Treatment. We have a great selection of options for any window covering needs.


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