The Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Window treatments are a necessity in many homes, and large windows present their own unique challenges. Sure, you could cover them with curtains or shades but that would mean blocking the natural light. You could try to block out the light with sheer window panels but then it might get too hot (or cold) inside your home. Thankfully there are other ways! Learn how to cover up those large windows without letting heat escape and without sacrificing privacy!

Styling a Large Window According to Function

The best window treatments for large windows are ones that don’t block natural light. Here are a few ideas:

Install vertical blinds on the inside of your window to let in all the sunlight, but be able to hide them when you want privacy or need access to natural light. This will create an even more private look – perfect for bedrooms or offices.

Hang curtains on the inside of your window to frame it all and block out some light. Even if you need privacy, this will still let plenty of natural sunlight in when opened up – perfect for living rooms!

Install curtains on the outside of your window for a more decorative look. This is also a great way to cover up large windows in offices or bedrooms that are located near hallways, lobbies, and common areas so you can still have privacy when needed but let some natural light come through in those spaces too.

Hang sheer curtains from floor to ceiling so they fill the window and block light. If you want privacy, just close them up!

Install blinds to cover your windows from one side. Covering only half of a large doorway with a vertical pair of shades will still let in plenty of natural light but maintain some privacy if needed when doors are closed.

Choose sheer curtains that can be pulled back freely to allow in light when needed but drawn closed for privacy.

Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows

Blinds are an affordable option for those who want to cover their large windows, and they give you the most control over how much light gets in. No matter what type of window treatments you choose, make sure that any blinds or shades have a cordless tilt so you can adjust them while sitting on the floor.

Curtains with UV protection will help your curtains last longer and keep them looking new, as well as block out more light than blinds alone. Vertical blinds can be a good option if you want to cover a wide window without adding a lot of weight.

If you’re looking to block out more light and create an even darker space, curtains with blackout lining are the way to go. These types of curtain panels can also help keep your energy bills down by blocking heat from coming in through the glass during summer months and allowing it to escape during the winter months.

Sheers are a great option for letting light in but still blocking outsiders’ view into your home. They also provide privacy without adding too much weight or taking up valuable space inside the room if they’re hung on wide windows.

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