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Windows contribute to the overall ventilation inside your homes. However, they can also be access ways to look into your homes. To solve this problem, it is best to use curtains. Curtains cover the view into your homes while allowing the circulation of air. Window curtains are clearly an essential fixture on your windows not only because they aid your privacy but also serve as decoratives to accentuate your space. So if you are torn between this question: to use curtains, or not? The answer is definitely to use curtains! Let us help you transform your rooms through these 5 tips in choosing the best curtains for your living room.

Functionality Should Come First

The best way to start this how-to guide is to identify how you want your living room to look like. Not only are customized curtains and drapes known to be essential elements in interior designing but they also offer a number of practical benefits.

Quality drapery panels can block 99% of light and feature a mild sound insulation ability. This brings about good sleep in your room. Also, these panels help maintain the temperature in your room by reducing the heat during warm seasons and increasing it during winter seasons. Moreover, drapery panels also play an essential part in upholding security and privacy at home as they cover your windows in style.

The best drape panels are those that complement your practical needs. How do you identify these needs? Below are questions that will lead you to identifying your needs and to finding out the perfect custom drapes designs that match the aesthetics of your living room.

  • How much do you value the privacy of space?
  • How big is your room and how frequently do you use it?
  • Are children and pets living with you at home?
  • Where is your window located, east or west?
  • Do you like minimalist window drapery panels or more expressive pleats?
  • How much natural light do you like to get into your room and how long do you prefer it that way?
  • When do you usually change your living room accessories, in the early spring or mid-fall?
  • Are you considering getting curtains or drapery panels with high insulation ability during the summer season?
  • Which do you prefer, a blackout night or a translucent night?
  • Do you plan to just replace the drapes or to fully renovate your room?
  • How much is your budget for this project?

There are a wide variety of options to choose from. We will trim down your choices based on your responses to the questions above. When you identify what you truly desire and set out your expectations and needs, choosing the best curtains and drapery panels will not be difficult at all.

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Get to Know the Assortment of Curtains and Drapes

Now that you are able to take the first step by realizing that functionality should come first, you are ready to understand the designs. Curtain and drapery panel designs involve pleats, grommets, drapery hardware, and many more.

Colors are the basic element of designs. But before going there, it is important to know the main types of window drapes. Murdica Window Coverings offers 5 of the most popular designs of drapery panels that can match the style of your home:

  • Euro Pleat Drapes. These curtains have clean and elegant pleats that are slightly pinched at the top. The pleats are nicely tailored to allow the fabric to seamlessly flow from the top of the drapes to the floor. Euro Pleat Drapes are a very popular choice for classic interiors.
  • Pinch Pleat Drapes. These drapery panels are often confused with Euro Pleat Drapes because they look quite the same. From the header, the pleats are pinned for an estimate of 4 feet down. They fit well in any room. Plus, this style is a great choice if you want to control the amount of light that you desire, value privacy conveniently opens and closes.
  • Grommet Drapes. This style is a combination of linen fabrics and curtain rails into a smooth whole. The nicely sewn round grommets on the drapery panels add an attractive effect to the look. This style is the best choice for designers who desire to add accents to the window drapery in a room.
  • Ripple Fold Drapes. Styled with nearly double the fabrics, these Ripple Fold Drapes feature a fuller look. This style comes with a customized which you can mount to the ceiling or on your wall.
  • Inverted Pleat Drapes. If you prefer the unusual or least popular style, the Inverted Pleat Drapes are what we recommend. Unlike the other popular designs, the inverted pleats are hidden which results in a flat surface at the top of the draperies. So, if you like pleats that are less traditional and uncommon, this style is the best for you.

Custom drapes serve as a way to emphasize a room’s architecture and style. If you wish to do your designs on your own, you can try our Murdica Window Coverings Customizer. This will walk you through the entire process of designing the kind of draperies that you like and give you a view of how it will look like in your room. You can play with colors, fabrics, ideas, and make the estimated cost of window drapes and curtain options to help you match with your budget and at the same time compare prices.

Have you thought of the best style for you? It’s time to decide now before we move on to the basic element: window drapery colors.

Choose the Perfect Color of Living Room Window Drapes

Now that you have identified what you prefer for your curtains, it’s time to choose the colors. The first step to choosing the perfect color for your curtains or custom drapes is to know how you want to intend the colors. Would you like it to blend with the current accents and decors in your rooms? Or do you prefer color to become the focal point of your living room? If you like them to complement your existing decors, it is best to keep the colors muted in order to allow it to play with the other accents in your room. Choose curtains that have similar colors to your wall or cut the color of the space. If you want your custom drapes to be bold and expressive, opt for bold colors. You might get overwhelmed playing with colors, but please be cautious with lighter drapes because they give an illuminating effect with natural daylight and feel breezy. Darker tones will look heavy, steady, and can evade the space. It is important to choose a color that you love that blends well with the characteristics of the space because whatever you decide on, your custom curtains and drapes contribute a great influence to the entire aesthetic value of your room.

More Tips on the Color of Living Room Window Treatments

  • If choosing the drapes for your family living room sounds difficult for you, we best recommend a neutral shade with a classic and functional style like the Euro Pleat Drapes or Ripple Fold. Colors like Optic White, Oyster, Grays, and natural shades can never go wrong with varying furniture colors and work easily with the other styles.
  • If you plan for a full room renovation of your living room, identify beforehand the color of every accessory and details, including how you want to style your drapes and curtains. The 60-30-10-10-rule is practiced by many home designers. 60% is the main color, 30% comprises the secondary color, and 10% for the supplementary color. You can also make use of this guide to manage a smooth and organized. To be concise, here is an example: 60% covers the walls being the largest portion that needs larger accents like a sofa. 30% goes to your curtains and draperies, and the remaining 10% and 10% will be for the bright accents. Remember to choose a color palette that best suits you and allows a good distribution of colors, tone, and other aesthetical elements in your living room.

Try Layering

It is not mandatory but yes, layering is always an option. Layering adds a diverse dimension and gives priority to your personal preferences. The best thing about layering is you can do it step by step to make your existing budget workable at a certain phase. Here are some layering options that are timeless:

  • Linen Sheer Curtains. Who doesn’t love Belgian Sheer Linen? This type of layering provides a small amount of privacy while adding multiple dimensions and depth in your living room. This style allows you to filter direct afternoon sunlight particularly if your window is facing west.
  • Linen Roman Shades. The Roman Shades is a more preferred option if you want to add more privacy and light control. It is better at keeping out the cold than linen sheer curtains. If you plan to choose this layering, consider having an interlining.

An important concept to keep in mind is that layering and deep blackout may not be a good match for small and crowded living rooms because its drapery panels demand a bigger space.

The Purpose of Right Lining

Curtains are purposefully added as window accents to block the view from the outside to the inside of your room especially if you put so much value into privacy. Talking about linings, In the living room or any other space where neighbors may have a view, adding privacy may be on your mind and is an essential task for curtains and drapery. When it comes to lining, Murdica Window Coverings has three types: unlined, privacy lining, and blackout. Unlined shades will only show the face fabric. Privacy lining features light-filtering ability and improved privacy. And our blackout lining is designed to completely block out 99% of light for more enhanced privacy. It is important to note that the blackout lining will look fuller, and thus, adds weight to your drapery.
The best and distinctive feature of our blackout shades, however, is you can get the darker effect in your room without using dark shades. All you have to do is to choose the color of your liking and adjust the amount of light with custom lining.

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