Window Treatments for Corners: A Guide

Especially in residential homes, the corner windows not only allow natural daylight to come in but also offer a great view of the lovely outdoors. However, corner windows are very challenging when it comes to finding the perfect coverings that fit them as they limit you with the type of treatment to choose from. But we do not give you problems that cannot be solved, here are great ideas to dress up your corner windows at home to achieve your design preference while making the most out of corner windows’ function. So, the next time you pick for the right window treatment for your corner windows, you know your options.

Window Treatment Ideas for Corner Windows

Looking for a window treatment that maximizes sunlight and brings in an abundance of natural light? Consider using curtains or sheers as your corner window treatments. Sheer fabrics will allow the most light to shine through, but won’t detract from your view when you want privacy. Curtains can also work well because their look is more customizable and you can find a style that matches your decor and will add to the aesthetic of the room.

Do you want something more decorative? Consider using shutters, blinds, or curtains as corner window treatments. Shutters are great for adding architectural detail to your home’s exterior while also providing privacy when needed. Blinds work well if you want to control the amount of natural light that comes in through your window. They are also inexpensive and work well for spaces with more than one corner window.

If you’re looking for a way to add some style without sacrificing functionality, curtains or shutters might be the perfect choice for your home! Shutters offer privacy while also being customizable and you can find a style that matches your decor and will add to the aesthetic of the room.

Blinds are another great option because they can be customized to any size and provide privacy while also controlling the amount of natural light that enters your room. Curtains offer a similar style as blinds but with more decorator options available for you’re looking for something fancier than wood or fabric shutters, blinds, or curtains.

Decorating a Bedroom with a Corner Window

In the corner of your bedroom, you can create a sitting area with a window seat. This is a great way to add extra seating in any room while also adding an attractive accent to your decor!

One function of windows is for light and visibility. For bedroom corners that are close together or next to each other, you can use a window as a headboard.

Corner windows are perfect for an office space! This allows your desk to be right by the window and still have plenty of room for storage or even another sitting area in the corner.

Curtains for Corner Windows

Curtains are an excellent choice for corner windows. They provide nice, soft light and they can help create the atmosphere you need in your space. Curtains come with different types of liners such as sheers or blackouts to keep out any unwanted sunlight that may interrupt your sleep schedule.

If you’re looking for something that can brighten up your space, sheer curtains are a good place to start. These types of curtain liners will let in plenty of natural light and have soft, subtle colors that won’t interfere with the colors or objects surrounding them.

Blinds for Corner Windows

You may also want to consider a roller blind for covering corner windows because it is more versatile than a curtain. Roller blinds come in a variety of colors and designs so you can find the perfect look for your space.

There are many ways to dress up corner windows with window coverings, but not everyone is right for these hard-to-decorate spaces. Consider what kind of light you want to let into the room before making a decision.Do you need help figuring out what kind of window treatment is best for your space? Contact our Murdica Window Treatment team and we will be happy to offer advice and guidance in selecting the perfect option for your corner windows!


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