Wood Blinds

When asked what is the most elegant and stylish way to cover windows, the answer would be wood blinds. This is because the operational slats in wood blinds, when opened, can let natural light get through your window and allow you to see the outside view clearly. And closing these slats gives you the privacy of space, energy efficiency, and the kind of comfort that you desire. When you decide to use wood blinds for your windows, it is important to understand the factors that make up the best wood blinds for your home. These include not only the design and finishing but also the size and safety of the options available. As you read on, we will help you pick the best wood blinds for your needs.

Sizing Wood Blinds

It is important to first determine whether you want to install the blinds inside or outside your space before you start measuring for new blinds. Blinds that are installed inside the window frame have a cleaner appearance, and let you add decorative frames to accentuate around the windows. Blinds installed outside the frame, on the other hand, can look larger. This, however, helps you hide damaged frames or windows from the plain sight of other people.

The most effective and concise way to get the dimensions inside the frame is by measuring the width at three varying points: top, middle, and bottom of the opening. It is best to use the smallest of these dimensions as a reference, and then choose the blinds that are within ⅛ inch of the smallest dimension. If you prefer your wood blinds to be installed outside the frame, get the dimensions from three different points, and then use the largest figure as a reference. Add ¾ inch to the referenced dimension before finalizing your option. The importance of properly sizing the wood blinds prior to purchase is it allows you to customize your blinds and will help you decide from among the various options available.

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Wood Blind Safety

According to the records of the U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission, window blinds that are operated by cords or cables are one of the top five unnoticed hazards in American homes. The report says that every month, at least one child dies or is prone to death due to accidents related to the cords on wooden blinds or other types of corded blinds. It is always recommended for homes with little children to choose cordless blinds so the safety of young kids at home will not be compromised. The good news is, some wooden blinds have very short cords. Motorized and remote-controlled wooden blinds are also available in the market. With these available options, your home remains stylish and elegant without compromising safety.

Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S Department of Energy, in terms of energy efficiency quality, wooden blinds are a better option as they lower summer heat than as they reduce heat lost during the winter season. So if your windows are frequently exposed to the sun, opt for wood blinds with a reflective exterior finish. This reduces solar heat build-up by up to 45%. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of wood blinds for your home or establishment, contact Murdica Windows now to speak to one of our customer support representatives. We can tell you whether Wood Blinds area good fit for your windows, and give you a FREE estimate. Use the contact form below to send us a message.


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